Antalya Bilim University School of Foreign Languages held a seminar which provided the platform to discuss how English language can be taught more effectively on Saturday, March 11, 2017 in Rixos Downtown Antalya Hotel. A great number of teachers from various schools participated in the seminar to listen to the talks given by three academics, from Turkey and abroad, who are experts in their fields. The first speaker was Prof. Aydan Ersöz, who worked as the Department Head of English Language Teaching at Gazi University for many years, and currently is the President of English Language Education Association (INGED) underlined that while working with young learners, it is extremely important to use drama activities, stories, games, songs, etc. instead of the methods based on explicit, formulaic grammar teaching and rote-learning. After Prof. Aydan Ersöz, Prof. Simon Borg, who works as a faculty member and an educational counsellor in teachers’ professional development and academic research departments at Leeds University and Western Norway University, took the stage. In his speech, Prof. Borg expressed that the awareness level of teachers about the aims of in-class activities they do contributes to the learning of the students a lot. Lastly, Dr. Tom Godfrey, who has made substantial contribution to teacher trainings in Turkey for many years, talked about the power of practical, contextually meaningful, fun drama activities to enhance both language education and holistic education. He also added that these kinds of activities helped satisfy psychological and in-class needs of students. At the end of the seminar, Director of Antalya Bilim University School of Foreign Languages Assoc. Prof. Murat Kaplan extended his thanks to all three speakers, whose speeches were listened with adoration. Finally, Assoc. Prof. Kaplan said that these kinds of events made huge contributions to language education, as well as professional development of teachers, and that Antalya Bilim University School of Foreign Languages would like to bring teachers together with significant names of the field of English Language Education through similar events in the coming years. 
A special thanks from SOFL to our sponsors, Dünya Education, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press and Unlimited Educational Services for their great contributions to our seminar and help this event happen. 
Click here to view Prof. Aydan Ersoz's PowerPoint presentation.
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